Monday, August 14, 2006

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

If you're a guy who likes funny books about real-life situations, this may be the book for you. Scott is a high school freshman and absolutely everything is going wrong in his life. He drifts apart from his best (and only) friends, he is picked on at school and on the bus, Julia, his major crush, doesn't know he exists, and to top things off, Scott's mom is pregnant. Scott decides to write notes to his future baby brother or sister, and he tells that baby everything about his miserable life, including lots of top ten lists and pieces of advice for his new sibling. Scott spends his school year trying to get Julia's attention, but all his attempts backfire. He writes for the school paper, works on the school play, and runs for student council, all to be near her, but each attempt fails to get her attention. Scott ends up with a couple of surprising friends, and he really is a good writer, so all is not lost. Scott's thoughts and lists are really hilarious, and middle school guys will enjoy a glimpse into what high school might be like for them. David Lubar also wrote Dunk, which a 7th grade boy once told me was the best book he had ever read. And he's the author of some short stories about Lawn Weenies. If you like funny books, look for the call number FIC LUB on the shelves and take a look at some of David Lubar's books.


Anonymous said...

i read that book! its awsome!

dan said...

is it really tat good beacuse i statrtedd reading it in a library and i dont know if I SHould get it but i did like Dunk and Hidden Talents though

Anonymous said...

at first i thought it wouldn't be good but as you keep reading you really get hooked. It creates a realistic picture in your mind. Great book !