Monday, August 14, 2006

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

If you like science fiction series, you should definitely read this book. It's the first of "The Hungry City Chronicles," and it is set far in the future in a world ravaged by war and environmental destruction. Cities now are built upright and on tracks, and they roam around devouring other cities and using them for spare parts. London is one of the biggest and strongest cities, and its leaders have an evil plan for dominating the world. Tom lives on London, but in one dramatic night is thrown off the city along with a horribly disfigured girl named Hester Shaw. She is seeking revenge for the murder of her parents, and Tom just wants to return to London where a beautiful girl named Kate lives. As you might expect, the two teenagers have many adventures as they try to return to London, and as they journey they find out more about the horrible technology that London is about to unleash on the world. This book is full of death and destruction, so don't expect your favorite characters to survive the chaos of life in the future. It reminded me a little bit of Airborn by Kenneth Oppel because it has airships and a couple of young teenagers who must save the day. Sci Fi and fantasy fans will love this book. So far there are 3 more books in the series for you to read when you're done.

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