Monday, August 21, 2006

Rising Water by P.J. Peterson

Rising Water is a short book with lots of action. It's about high-school-age siblings named Tracy and Luke, who work at an animal rescue center. Tracy can't stand it when a boy named Kevin is sent to do community service hours at the animal shelter. In her mind Kevin is irresponsible, doesn't care about animals, and on top of that is a criminal. Kevin is actually a pretty decent guy who made a mistake, and he isn't sure why Tracy is so nasty to him. Well, their town is flooding, and Tracy's brother Luke takes off in his boat to save a woman's dog. Tracy and Kevin go along, and as the teenagers navigate the flooded neighborhoods, they find a house that is being burglarized. Luke tries to stop it, and the kids get messed up with thieves with guns. As you might have guessed, the question is, can Tracy and Kevin work together and overcome their dislike for each other?
Readers looking for a quick book full of drama will like Rising Water.

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