Saturday, August 26, 2006

City of Light, City of Dark: A Comic Book Novel by Avi, drawings by Brian Floca

I did it. I finally read a graphic novel. It's not a super hero comic or a manga book, but more of a strange, dark fantasy involving beings called Kurbs who live under New York City. They let humans live on their land, but every year someone must find the source of their power and return it to them. Most humans know nothing of this arrangement, but one man does, and he wants that power for himself, even if it means destroying the city. He comes up against the woman who seeks the power, her daughter and some ordinary kids who get caught up in the life-or-death quest. I thought it was a pretty strange story, but I think readers who like fantasy will really like this book. It's just one example of many kinds of graphic novels in the OMS library—most of them can be found in the nonfiction section with the call number 741.5.

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