Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marie Curie by Kathleen Krull

If you have to read a biography of a scientist, make sure you find one by Kathleen Krull. She digs into the lives of famous people and finds the things that normal people (like me!) find interesting. Yes, Marie Curie was a great scientist who won the Nobel Prize and discovered radioactivity, but Krull tells us all the other interesting stuff that we really want to know. How did this smart girl from Poland overcome the prejudice against women that kept women from studying science? How did her love affair with her employer's son almost get her into trouble? What was her relationship with her husband like? What about the affair she had after he died? If you read this book you will know all about Marie Curie the scientist and Marie Curie the human being. And she was amazing in both categories! You can't go wrong with the Giants of Science biographies. Sigmund Freud and Isaac Newton are also part of this series.

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