Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Diva by Alex Flinn

Caitlin is an opera singer, but it's not cool at her high school to let people know she doesn't care about cheerleading and all the other usual high school stuff. After shedding extra weight and leaving behind an abusive boyfriend, she secretly auditions to attend a high school for the performing arts. She gets in and attends the new school (in spite of her mother's objections) and Diva is the story of how she takes on new challenges and begins to become the person she dreams of becoming. One hurdle to overcome is her own mother, who dresses like a teenager, dates a married man, and is unsupportive of Caitlin's music. Another hurdle is the memory of her abusive boyfriend (whose story is told in the book Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn). One big benefit of her new school is that she is among kindred spirits—artistic teenagers capable of becoming true friends. I think any teenage girl could relate to Caitlin, but girls with an interest in singing will definitely want to read her story. It's well-written, thoughtful, and most importantly, an enjoyable read.

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Anonymous said...

whats the climax? whats the genre? rising action?