Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Silverfin: Young James Bond Book 1 by Charlie Higson

Fans of Alex Rider don't have all that many good spy books to turn to, so they will definitely want to try this one. Guys at OMS have found it and are asking for it all the time. I thought it started out a little slowly, but picked up speed and ended up having an excellent villain with a suitable evil plan to take over the world. Young James Bond is kind of quiet and insecure, and is bullied at school by George Hellebore and his nasty friends. During the holidays in Scotland James finds himself near the Hellebore estate, where a local boy recently disappeared. James and a friend decide to search for him. What they find is a bizarre lake teeming with huge killer eels, and a dungeon with genetically modified pigs and people, and the evil lord Hellebore who wants to do some experiments on James before he kills him. Several times we think young James will be dead any minute, but he always overcomes the danger. There is already one sequel out called Blood Fever, and more to come. Great for kids who like action and spy books.

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