Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Alphabet of Dreams by Susan Fletcher

This book has an unusuall setting for a book written for young people. Mitra and her brother Babak live in Persia more than two thousand years ago. They have been separated from their noble family and have been living as beggars and thieves for two years. When Babak begins having prophetic dreams, Mitra (who lives her life disguised as a boy), decides to sell his dreams to make money. When Babak himself is sold to a Magus named Melchior, they begin a journey that will change their lives. Melchior teams up with two other wise Magi and following Babak's dreams, they head off to find a new king. As you can probably guess, these three men are the Wise Men and they are looking for the baby Jesus. But this isn't really a story about those wise men—it's about Mitra growing up and realizing that she needs to give up her dreams of finding her family and take good care of her brother (whose health is poor). This is a book that really gets you inside the heart and mind of another character, and you want to finish the book because Mitra and her brother are like your own good friends.

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