Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

A ghost narrates this tale about three friends living in northern Wisconson. Maggie has just moved to a small town on Lake Michigan and she soon makes friends with beautiful, enigmatic Pauline and quiet, loyal Liam. Unfortunately, just as Maggie is moving in, bodies of teenage girls start appearing. No one knows why or how they are being killed, but girls are no longer safe in this small community. When Pauline's family takes her away, a romance blossoms between Maggie and Liam, but how can it last when Pauline returns? Rather than being a murder mystery, this book is really a slow-moving story of friendship, romance, and that ghost I mentioned at the beginning. I have to admit, I did not think the ending was fitting or believable. In fact, I was not satisfied at all, especially with how the author dealt with the murders. But I would love to hear other opinions so read it and let me know your thoughts. (And also, why would any parents leave their teenage daughter alone for the weekend with a murderer on the loose?)

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