Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Body in the Woods by April Henry

This is a murder mystery involving a dead girl in the woods and the three teenagers who find her body. Alexis, Ruby, and Nick have recently joined the Portland County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team, and while searching for a lost man they come across the victim. As in  most of these stories, the police tell them to leave the case to the experts, but the teenagers find themselves involved in tracking down the killer, who may be one of the hikers they encountered that day in the woods. Each of the characters has a story—Alexis is dealing with a mentally ill mother, Ruby is fixated on crime and her parents don't want her to be involved, and Nick's father died in Iraq and he wants to prove himself to be a hero. It's a somewhat predictable story, but if you like murder mysteries, it will keep you reading.

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