Monday, September 08, 2014

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

Imagine all the things you would learn if you could hear the thoughts of everyone around you. Would you want to know what your friends think of you or what your parents are really up to? That's what happens to a group of New York City high school students after their homeroom gets flu shots. Due to a tainted batch of vaccine, everyone in the class who got the shot develops ESP, and they must decide what to do. Should they call the CDC and get medical intervention, or should they see what it's like to hear everyone's thoughts around them? This book is unique in that it is narrated by the whole group, because "when you're a group that can hear each other's thoughts, the line between I and We gets kind of blurry." Some enjoy the ESP and take advantage of doing better on tests and finding out who is interested in whom. Others hear things they don't want to hear and it changes their lives completely. At times it was a little tough to keep track of so many characters, but overall this was a fun book and recommended for 8th-up.

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