Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Last Invisible Boy by Evan Kuhlman

If you flip through this book is looks like fun. It has lots of cartoon illustrations and short, compact chapters. But when you read the book it's really not fun at all. It is the story of Finn Garrett, whose father died recently and who is grieving so much he fears he is becoming invisible. His hair is actually turning white and doctors and psychologists don't have any answers for why it is happening. Finn's journal chronicles how he remembers happy memories of his father, connects more strongly with his mother and grandfather, and relies on the support of his best girl friend. It's not a bad story and it does have some humor, but at it's heart it's all about healing from grief, which may not be what readers are expecting. I have no idea how kids will receive it—I'd love to have some reaction from middle school readers.


Anonymous said...

this is a awsome book and you should make a sequel it would be great

Living Provides Us Answers said...

Evan, how about a story of a boy who goes from nothing to having everything that is important in life. Susan.