Sunday, July 20, 2008

Undercover by Beth Kephart

The plot of this book sounds kind of predictable. Elisa writes love notes for other people. In the course of writing poetry from Theo to the beautiful and popular Lila, Elisa finds herself falling for Theo. Elisa is a free spirit, a poet, and an observer of the world around her. She learns to blossom in spite of her parents' marital troubles, her uncertainty about Theo's feelings for her, and the spiteful acts of jealous Lila. Along the way she gets valuable guidance (and lots of literary food for her soul) from her wise English teacher. I would recommend this to 8th grade girls (on up through high school) who appreciate poetry and literature and a sensitive, deep character trying her best to come out from "undercover."

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Beth Kephart said...

Many thanks to you for this post, which I discovered just this morning.

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