Friday, April 18, 2008

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz

I finally read Snakehead--it's one of the few YA series that I actually read every title that comes out. It's my guilty pleasure to listen to the British audiobook narrator on my iPod. I just love his voice. This was much like all the other Alex Rider books with yet another wildly improbable plot and somehow Alex gets out of every danger put in his way. This time Alex is sent by Australian intelligence to Thailand to pose as an Afghan refugee being illegally transported to Australia by an organization called Snakehead. Horowitz weaves in a new character, Ash, who is Alex's previously unknown godfather. Along the way there's a powerful bomb called Royal Blue, unwilling organ donation (think Unwind by Neal Shusterman), and exploding coins (courtesy of Smithers). It's a classic Alex Rider book recommended for anyone who likes books with action.

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Anonymous said...

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