Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings

Of the five Maud Hart Lovelace nominated books I read this week, this is definitely the best. At it's heart it's a story about a kid who must decide whether or not to tell the truth, when to do so will change the lives of his friends and family forever. Brady lives in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay and he has spent his life on boats exploring the waters of the bay. One day a kayak sinks and a four-year-old boy is killed. Brady tries to save his life, but it is no use. Later Brady finds out the disturbing truth about the kayaking "accident." If I say any more it will ruin the story. Brady is a good character—he's a believable 14-year-old making the toughest decision of his life. I appreciate that the author gives the story a full conclusion and doesn't make us wonder what happens in the end to Brady and his two best friends. I think this book will be enjoyed by lots of middle schoolers this year.

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Chris Masterson said...

Wow, this book was great! I really enjoyed it as i flipped page to page as fast as i could. This story is definitely worth reading, and i recommend it to everyone at OMS.

-Chris Masterson 7-2