Sunday, June 17, 2007

Final Shot by John Feinstein

I am glad this is a Maud Hart Lovelace nominee for 2007-2008 because I think a lot of basketball fans will love it. It's a mystery set at the Final Four and the detectives are 8th graders Stevie and Carol Ann, who won a writing contest and are there as full-fledged journalists. Early on they overhear a star basketball player being threatened to throw the final game against Duke, but they don't know who is threatening Chip Graber and why. Carol Ann is a minister's daughter, but she can lie and be sneaky like a pro, and she and Stevie figure out how to talk to Chip Graber. When they hear his story they realize they are up against a serious blackmailing and gambling scheme. This book has lots of detective work and even more inside scoop on the personalities and quirks of NCAA basketball. For kids who follow basketball it is a dream come true. Other readers will enjoy the mystery and the action. A fun book for middle schoolers, either guys or girls.

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