Friday, June 08, 2007

Alabama Moon by Watt Key

Moon's dad hates the government and wants nothing to do with modern society. The two live together in a hidden shelter in a forest in Alabama where they hunt and trap and keep out of sight. Moon knows a lot about survival for a 10-year-old kid, but he knows nothing about life in the real world. When tragedy strikes his father, Moon is left alone, and is convinced that he needs to follow his dad's instruction to get to Alaska where he will find other people who "hate the government." As you might expect, the government gets ahold of Moon (in the form of a corrupt constable) and puts him in a boy's home, but he promptly escapes and takes a few other boys out in the wilderness with him. At first I thought the story was just too unbelievable—no 10-year-old could do the things that Moon does. But I have to admit that the book grew on me. I wanted to know what happened to Moon and it was a good survival story. Recommended especially for guys who like wilderness and survival stories.

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Teri said...

Our school has a 7th grade English class about to begin a first time study of Alabama Moon in mid-April. We would like to "collaborate" on-line with an individual or a class on this book, possibly a book discussion. Would you be interested or one of your school's english classes? We are a public middle school in Huntsville, Alabama.