Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time by Lisa Yee

Stanford Wong is awesome at basketball (he just made the 7th grade A team), but he also got an F in English class. His parents care more about grades than sports, and he is forced into summer school instead of basketball camp. Worst of all, they give him a tutor, a genius girl his own age named Millicent Min. And on top of everything else going wrong, his parents are fighting and his grandma is forced to move to a nursing home. Luckily for Stanford, he has his tight group of basketball-playing friends, and Millicent has a very cute friend named Emily who seems to like him. All he needs to do is keep his friends from finding out he's in summer school and keep Emily from finding out that he's not a genius (oh, and he has to pass English class or he will have to repeat 6th grade and be kicked off the A team!).

This book is filled with humor and will keep you laughing at everything poor Stanford goes through to survive this crazy summer. Especially recommended for 6th grade guys who like sports and funny books (but girls will like it too).

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Lisa Yee said...

Happy to hear you enjoyed STANFORD!!!

Lisa Yee