Monday, July 10, 2006

Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

I know I am late in reading this book, but it was a great book to read over the summer. If you like fantasy and you like books, this story will drag you in and hold your attention until the last page. A young girl named Meggie finds out that her father can read characters out of books and into the modern world. Unfortunately, he can also read people into books, and her mother disappeared many years ago. In her place are some evil characters from a book called Inkspell. Meggie, her father, her elderly aunt, a man named Dustfinger, and the author of Inkspell must go up against the nefarious Capricorn to save their lives and try to end his evil plans. Along the way Meggie realizes that she also has the gift of reading characters in and out of books. Funke has great fun with fairies and other fantasy creatures coming out of the books, and with all the intricacies of characters coming and going from books. I've heard the sequel Inkheart is even better!

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