Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hidden by Helen Frost

Darra and Wren were eight years old when Darra’s father stole a car and kidnapped Wren in the process. The two girls never met at the time but their stories intertwined and they have unresolved questions about each other. When they meet six years later at summer camp they instantly know each other but it takes some time before they are able to slowly connect and talk openly about their shared past. This is a really unique book, both in its plot and its form. The free verse style makes it a quick read and deceptively simple. The characters are intriguing, the summer camp setting is perfect for their cycle of emotional growth, and in the end readers discover some hidden messages in Darra’s passages. While the poetic form makes the book unique, at the same time it meant that the book did not go into great detail. I enjoyed the story but felt like I would have connected with the characters more had there been more meat to the writing. I also thought the additional hidden story line in Darra’s narrative (see the author's note for an explanation), didn't deliver any surprising additions to the plot. Overall I did enjoy this book and I will recommend it to middle schoolers, especially reluctant readers.  

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Maureen Eichner said...

It does have a gorgeous cover, though!