Friday, May 24, 2013

Just One Day by Gayle Forman

This is a novel of self-discovery, travel, and romance. Allyson just graduated from high school and goes on a trip to Europe before starting college. But she doesn't have a great time, mainly due to the fact that she's not much of a risk taker. However, on the last day of the tour she skips a planned activity, goes to an outdoor Shakespeare play, and meets a Dutch actor who later invites her to spend a day in Paris with him. In a whirlwind day a romance blossoms, but when Willem disappears Allyson is left with many questions and self-doubts. She returns to the U.S.A. and starts college, but she falls into depression and a longing to be the person she was on that one day in Paris. It's really a story about breaking free from the past and becoming the person you want to be with European cities as a backdrop. I love Gayle Forman's books and this is another gem. Recommended for high school readers (not middle schoolers!)

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