Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Every Day by David Levithan

Imagine being a person with no body of your own. The main character in this story, who calls himself A, finds himself in a new body each and every day. He takes over the person't life for one day, then at midnight (usually when A is asleep) he enters a new person's body for the next 24 hours. He is always careful not to mess up the lives of the people he inhabits. He goes to school and sports practices and family dinners so that no one is the wiser. A really has no gender—some days he is male and some days female. He has been blind and a drug addict and a victim of abuse. He can wake up as a person of any race or ethnicity, but he always returns somewhere within a few hundred miles of his previous body. One day A wakes up in the body of a tough guy with a girlfriend named Rhiannon. She is special and she and A spend a magical day together skipping school and going to the beach. Of course, Rhiannon just thinks her boyfriend has suddenly become a nice guy, but the truth is she is connecting with A. From that day on, A starts breaking the rules and trying to connect with Rhiannon. But how can love survive with a person who has no physical body? It's a great premise that's well executed. The author sticks to the rules he has set up for A's life and it's fun to read about each new day in A's life. Recommended for high school readers.

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