Tuesday, August 07, 2012

No Safety in Numbers by Dayna Lorentz

This book takes place in a huge shopping mall where an act of bioterrorism has taken place. Hundreds of people are quarantined in the shopping center and given no information about why they are there, what is happening to the victims, or how long they will be held captive. There are four characters narrating this book—all teenagers who were there at the mall for various reasons. At first the quarantine seems like a lark, but after days and days of roaming the mall, bathrooms are filthy, food is getting scarce, and communication with the outside world is cut off. How would everyday people react in such a situation? While this book has a great premise, it failed to live up to my initial expectations. I didn't relate closely to any of the teen characters and I didn't believe some of their reactions to this frightening situation. It wasn't a bad book at all—it just didn't grab me like I was hoping it would.

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