Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peter and the Starcatchers by Ridley Pearson

This prequel to Peter Pan is a delightful story that would interest a wide range of readers. Barry and Pearson have taken a familiar book and made an inventive backstory that both explains some nagging questions (Why doesn't Peter get older? How can he fly? How did Captain Hook lose his hand? Where did the mermaids come from? And more), but also has a compelling storyline that stands alone. The action takes place aboard three ships--two that are headed to Rundoon and carrying mysterious trunks, and one pirate ship that will stop at nothing to steal the treasure. Peter and his orphan friends are on the rickety ship called Never Land, which also carries a plucky girl named Molly Astor, who turns out to be a Starcatcher. This book is packed with just what you would expect—action, magic, and humor. I have heard that the audiobook of these stories (it's the start of a series) are narrated by Jim Dale and are outstanding. I also have seen Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway and it is fabulous. The writers and directors took a good book and made it better—it's even more clever, funny, and compelling than the book.

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Anonymous said...

You're right about it being a great story on its own. But as for it being a prequel to Peter Pan it fails outright. Barrie already gave a backstory to Pan and this is not even close. Besides that, it has a TON of mistakes in it as compared to the original(s). They've also sucked the magic out of the tale. How could the authors have such disrespect for a classic? Did they even bother to read it... or did they just ride on Disney's coat-tails?

There is a sequel that's not only faithful and in the style of Barrie, but its based on his own ideas for more. Click!

And another Pan book that's great is a 'What if?' story, which, although it veers from the original, does so while anchored in the very essence and mythos Barrie set down. But be warned - this one isn't for kids! Click!