Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

I will start by saying that this book deals with sexual abuse and while it is not graphic, it is intended for mature readers. It's a chilling look at the life of a girl who was kidnapped at age 5 by a sexual predator. She is now 15 years old and has endured 5 years of physical and emotional abuse. She lives in fear of her captor, Ray, who keeps her in line by threatening to kill her family if she disobeys him in any way. Ray calls her Alice, and has told her that the last "Alice" he kidnapped was killed when she was 15 years old. Ray is trying to keep Alice childlike by depriving her of food and dressing her in girl's clothing, but she is maturing and he is thinking about finding a new girl. Even worse, he wants Alice to help him find the new girl and train her to what Ray wants her to do. As I said, it's not a happy topic but it's well-written and will be very engrossing for some readers.

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