Friday, October 01, 2010

After by Amy Efaw

What would you think of a person who left a newborn baby to die in a trashcan? Would you believe her if she told you she didn't even know she was pregnant? Would you see her as a cold-blooded murderer? Devon Davenport is this girl—fifteen years old, a star soccer player, a girl with big ambitions, and a girl who hides from her friends and her mother as well as from herself. The author begins on the day that Devon gives birth and takes the reader through the next couple of weeks as she goes from the hospital to the juvenile detention center to a court hearing. It's part psychological drama and part courtroom drama, and somehow Amy Efaw puts the reader on Devon's side and you find yourself willing her to speak up, remember, and open herself up to the people who care about her. This was a gripping story—but definitely for high school readers.

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