Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chasing Lincolns Killer: The Search for John Wilkes Booth by James L. Swanson

Most people know that Abraham Lincoln was shot by a man named John Wilkes Booth, but you might not know that after the shooting it took the nation's best police officers and detectives twelve days to finally track down the killer. This book does a great job of detailing the events of those fascinating days—including the day of the assassination and the steps Booth took to prepare for killing the president. Booth had a group of co-conspirators, none of whom were particularly smart or all that helpful to him. Only one was with him on his 12-day spree. He got pretty lucky in escaping into Maryland and then found a series of sympathetic people to help with his wounded leg, feeding him and his one companion, and getting them on a boat to Virginia. I found the play-by-play action to be fascinating and I think a reader interested in crime, action, or Abraham Lincoln will race through this book.

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Laura B. said...

I am fascinated by Lincoln's assassination. I have never heard about this book but I think I will read this! Thank you! I am not normally interested in Historical Fiction but I am super excited about this book!