Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I think I am officially the last person to read this book. I heard years ago from a 7th grade boy that this book was great, and he was right. The author manages to take Greek mythology and tie it into a modern day action book that is also hilarious. Percy Jackson is our hero, but he's just a 6th grader with ADD who keeps failing out of school. (He finds out later that most of the children of Greek Gods have ADD--it's what helps them in their quests and fights with supernatural beings.) After a minotaur chases him to Camp Halfblood and vaporizes his mother, Percy starts to learn the truth about himself and the identity of his father. Eventually he makes Zeus pretty mad and is given 10 days to find Zeus's stolen lightning bolt and return it to Mount Olympus. He takes along his Satyr friend Grover and one of Athena's daughters, Annabeth. Together they have an action-packed quest involving an incredible amount of Greek Mythology. As I said before, the best part of this book is all the humor. This is the perfect series for middle schoolers, especially guys.


clairebear said...

im reading it right now for school and i have to say it has the coolest/weirdest/ most action packed 1st chapter

greenbooklovr said...

OMG first of all this is sooo not a guy book!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a girl and LOVE all the books. I agree it is amazing, fun, eccentric at times, humorous, and action packed!