Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

The premise of this book is fascinating. A billionaire obsessed with nuclear weapons builds a huge underground compound to protect his family in the event of an attack. At an unexpected time disaster strikes and the family rushes to The Compound to spend the next 15 years before it’s safe to come out. In the confusion two family members, Grandma and Eddy, are left in the outside world, presumably to die. Mom, Dad, two sisters, and Eddy’s twin brother, Eli, have now been living underground for six years. It’s depressing and stressful, and things aren’t all going as planned, but at least they are alive. The big twist is when you find out that the billionaire father may be not only brilliant, but completely insane. The details of The Compound and how they planned to survive for 15 years are pretty interesting. I also liked the development of Eli, the self-absorbed twin who doesn’t care about his sisters, who steps it up and becomes a stronger, more caring person. Some details were not well developed (like what they planned to do with “The Supplements”) but I think middle schoolers will enjoy this book for it’s strong characters and terrifying, suspenseful situation.

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Anonymous said...

They planned to eat the supplements. I actually thought it was pretty clear.