Thursday, March 06, 2008

Traitor's Gate by Avi

If you like fast-paced historical fiction, you'll like this book. It's 1849 and 13-year-old John Huffam has a mystery to solve. His father is thrown into debtor's prison and people are after some secrets that only his father knows. Someone is a traitor and John doesn't know who to trust. You, the reader, don't know who to trust either. It's a fun book with some similarities to the style of Charles Dickens, a famous English writer who also lived during that time period. This book would be best for kids who are good readers and are able to read books with some unfamiliar vocabulary words.

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Patrick said...

I am Carolyn, 11
This book was awesome. Some other kids 10-12 read it too, and thought it was good also, but it was a little hard for them. It was not hard for me.

P.S. Im on dads acount