Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

Imagine forgetting four years of your life. Naomi falls down the steps outside her school and gets a head injury that leaves her physically healthy, but with no memories after sixth grade. Her family and friends have to tell her a lot of things—like the name of her boyfriend, the fact that her parents are divorced, and that she is co-editor of the school yearbook. It's rough at first, but it gives Naomi a chance to re-invent herself. She dumps the boyfriend, quits yearbook, acts in a school play, and fights with her former best friend, a guy named Will who clearly adores her. By the end of this book I was really into her story and the choices she was making. When you read it you can't help but think about the choices you might make if you could forget the past and start fresh. There's a lot of romance here, and also some mature themes, so I recommend it to 8th graders on up.

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Chris O'Connor said...

You've got quite a nice looking Blog. I discovered it by running a search for "book blog" and then picking some of the sites not on the first few pages. I find the best blogs this way.

The reasonI was surfing book blogs is for suggestions for our upcoming fiction and non-fiction book discussions on BookTalk.org. And this book looks pretty darn good - from what I can tell.