Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion by Loree Griffin Burns

In 1990, 80,000 pairs of Nike shoes were accidently dumped in the ocean during a storm. That's five semi truck containers worth of sneakers. Those shoes drifted in the ocean and came ashore on the west coast of North America, and this discovery gave ocean scientists a lot of knowledge about ocean currrents. This is a book about those ocean currents and how they work, but the most interesting part to me was the incredible amount of trash that is floating in the ocean. In 1992, 28,800 bathtub toys were spilled, and those also gave scientists data about how ocean water moves. This book has beautiful photos, easy-to-understand information about the science of ocean currents, and fascinating facts about how our ocean is polluted with plastic. Read it and find out The Garbage Patch and ghost nets, and learn what you can do to help save our oceans. Recommended to readers of all ages and anyone who uses plastic of any kind.

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