Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reaching for Sun by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer

This brand new book written in free verse tells about the growing and blossoming of a seventh grade girl named Josie. Living with a grandmother and mother who love gardening and growing things, Josie has learned many of their secrets and skills. She herself needs special care because, even though she is smart and capable of many things, her cerebral palsy makes speaking and movement difficult. Her best friend is really her grandma because classmates rarely talk to her or take time to get to know her. When "rich kids" start moving into new houses near her family farm, a new boy comes along who becomes her first true friend. Justin is a science geek, and he doesn't seem to care what other kids think about who he is friends with. Justin and Josie do science experiments and grow plants and their friendship grows as the spring turns to summer. This book will appeal to readers who like poetry and who like to read about characters who overcome challenges and grow into their true selves.

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