Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gilda Joyce and the Ladies of the Lake by Jennifer Allison

Gilda Joyce is a high school freshman and self-proclaimed "psychic investigator." She agrees to attend a private girls school called Our Lady of Sorrows simply because she hears rumors of it being haunted by the ghost of a student who drowned there several years in the past. Gilda is smart and sassy, but doesn't make many friends because she is busy investigating the haunting and finding out that Delores's death might not have been an accident. Rather than doing psychic investigations, Gilda does real detective work and uncovers a secret society called The Ladies of the Lake. This is a combination high school girl book/mystery that will be enjoyed by middle school girls. It did make me want to keep reading, but I did think it was too long and could have been shortened and made better by a good editor.

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