Friday, October 06, 2006

Best Foot Forward by Joan Bauer

Maybe you've read the first book about Jenna, called Rules of the Road. This one is just as good, maybe even better. Jenna sells shoes, and she is great at it. She's only 16, but she's an expert sales person and she's the assistant to Mrs. Gladstone, who is in charge of shoe quality. In this book, Jenna has to train a new shoe salesman--who has a criminal record and is out on parole, and she uncovers lies and deceptions within her shoe company. And she also finds a little bit of romance. Jenna is also going to Al Anon meetings as she deals with her father's alcoholism. Jenna puts her Al Anon wisdom to use to help her cope with her troubles in the show industry. She's a smart and interesting teenager. Highly recommended!


Anonymous said...

Did she recieve any awards for the book?

Anonymous said...

this book was great.....i really luved it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Best book I have read in my entire life!