Monday, April 10, 2006

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I kept hearing about this book from good readers and I decided I had better get it for our library and that I had better read it myself. Actually, I listened to it on CD in my car. I would say it's all about romance, but it's the vampire fans who have been reading it. At the risk of telling too much, I will just say that Bella falls in love with Edward, so much so that she is willing to live with the fact that Edward can hardly keep from killing her. As is always the case, love that is up against impossible obstacles is the strongest. If you can hold out through many chapters of longing and love, you will get to some good action in the end. Some reviews said this was for high school readers, but in my opinion there was nothing inappropriate for younger teens. Highly recommended for fans of romance and/or vampires.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this book and can not wait to read the next one. Bella was brave and in love. Two things that I think that atracted me to this book.